puppyHopefully an Affen puppy will be in your future; however, it is important to realize that there are usually not a lot of puppies available. Affenpinschers are rather an "uncommon" breed so there are not as many born or registered in a single year as there are in more "common" or popular breeds.

Affenpinschers, like other Toy Dogs, often have small litters - a litter of one puppy is not uncommon. Many breeders have people waiting for their puppies, so you may need to contact a breeder to put your name on a "waiting list".

Many breeders will not ship puppies to new homes as they are quite small. It will most likely be necessary for you to make a trip to the breeder's home to pick up the new addition to your family. If you are willing to wait and make the trip to get your new puppy, you will not be sorry...an Affenpinscher will make a wonderful, loving, fun-loving addition to your household.

Additionally, we suggest that you learn as much as possible about the breed to be sure they will fit well with your family, living arrangements and lifestyle. Our web site is an excellent place to start - with our articles on Affen Personality, Affens & Obedience, and Puppy's First Year.

For more information on breeders and puppy availability, please download our Breeder Referral List here.

See our Criteria for Breeders Directory.

In addition, there is an Affenpinscher rescue organization which sometimes has dogs available.