affenpinscherAccording to Section 1, Chapter 3 of AKC's Rules on Registration "The breeder of a dog is the person who owned the dam of that dog when the dam was bred..."

The owner of the female makes the decision to breed and selects the stud dog to use. Of course, the owner of the stud dog always has the right to refuse to breed it to any female.

Among the many reasons someone might have to breed his/her Affenpinscher, the best on of all is to bring the natural qualities of the Breed toward perfection. the purpose of the Affenpinscher Standard, as approved by the AKC, is to be used to promote a better understanding of the attributes of a "perfect" Affenpinscher. This is what all reputable breeders strive to achieve in every litter that they breed.

You DO NOT have to breed your Affenpinscher to be an Affen fancier. Many, many people are happy to purchase their Affens, enjoy them, and leave the breeding to others. Responsible breeding for those who decide to breed Affenpinschers requires more than simply complying with the AKC rules and understanding the Breed Standard. A breeder must be able to understand and recognize Affenpinscher "type."

Both stud dog and brood bitch should be of good quality and not have any serious faults. If either has a major fault or is unsound, mentally or physically, it should NOT be bred. The objective of the selection of the dogs to be bred should always be to produce puppies that are of better quality than the parents.

Careful examination of the pedigrees of both parents should reveal no obvious genetic disorders or defects. Inquire about the results of any genetic testing and/or problems that the stud dog or brood bitch or their littermates may have produced.

The above information should help you decide if your Affen should be used for breeding. You should try to learn all you can about the genetic background of your dog. Ask the breeders for input on each dog in the pedigree. Ask what genetic testing, if any, has been done and the results of the tests. Many of the genetic problems in dogs are caused by recessive genes.

Following are some of the tests that should be done BEFORE you consider using your Affenpinscher for breeding:

Hip Dysplasia - (x-ray) OFA certification of hips after 2 years of age. Preliminary x-rays may be done at an earlier age.

Luxating Patellas (slipping stifles) - Veterinary certification. Can also be registered with OFA.

CERF - eye checks.

Legg-Calves-Perthes - (x-ray) OFA certification after 1 year of age.

You are required by the American Kennel Club to keep accurate records of all your dog breeding activities. For a copy of the pamphlet "Rules Applying to Registration and Dog Shows" you can write to:

The American Kennel Club
260 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10016
Phone: 212-696-8200
Fax: 212-696-8299
or on-line at

For further information about AKC registration, contact:

The American Kennel Club
5580 Centerview Drive
Raleigh, NC 27606
Phone: 919-233-9767
Fax: 919-233-3740
or on-line at

The OFA maintains a list of all Affenpinschers whose hip x-rays have been submitted and found to be either "fair," "good," or "excellent." The OFA's address is:

Orthopedic Foundation of Animals
2300 Nifong Blvd.
Columbus, MO 65201
Phone: 573-442-0418

The address for CERF is:

Canine Eye Registration Foundation
124 Lynn Hall
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN  47907
Phone: 765-494-8179
Fax: 765-494-9981