Dues are payable by October 1st of each year. * Members accepted into membership after April 1st of this year shall not be required to pay dues until October 1st of the next year. Contact Memberhip chair if unsure.

If you are not a member and would like to join, please go to the membership page and print out the appropriate application and send a cheque and completed forms to the Membership Coordinator.

Note: Your membership type and amount owing was specified In the email you recieved with the September October 2019 Newsletter.

Renew Individual Membership $26 US.

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Renew Household Membership $39 US. 

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Renew Associate Membership $22 US. This membership includes most non US residents. If you are an associate member and have 2 people listed as members for your household in the Membership list, please list both names and pay only once.

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Renew Junior Membership $13 US.

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